Project Replant

What is Project Replant:
Each year, we take a huge risk with our global future by chopping down trees just to produce commodity based goods. Most of these goods we use for just a little while, before throwing them out. That's why, instead of chopping down trees, project replant is all about planting them instead.
Who will do this:
Our partners, One Tree Planted, have been able to plant more than 40,000,000+ trees all around the world. They have made it their mission to replant devestated areas that were once thriving, but now struggling.
How will we do this:
By taking part in their one for one program, we are able to donate a percentage of our profits to their efforts. These donations will go to places within North America that we think need it the most at the moment, or projects that we deeply care about. 
Where will we do this:
The first project that we will be donating to is the Idaho Project. This project is a newer one and helps support an ecosystem that is trying to recover from recent forest fires as well as some diseases. 
Here is a link to some of the recent images.