About Us

Our Story:

It all began with a seemingly simple homework assignment, but little did Jon Baker know, it would lead to something much greater. Jon was a student at Saginaw Valley State University, studying business and looking for a way to solve a real-world problem for a class paper.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was March 2020, and Covid had just locked people down. Jon found himself in a desperate search for toilet paper, just like everyone else. As he complained about the scarcity of this essential item, he had an idea for his paper – he would buy as much toilet paper as possible and give it away. Problem solved.

Or so he thought.

As he delved deeper into his research, Jon discovered that over 10 million trees were cut down each year just to make toilet paper in the United States. This devastating realization sparked a passion in Jon, and he couldn’t let it go. He shared his findings with his college roommate and future co-founder, Matthew Craft, and the two of them set out to find a solution.
That’s when they stumbled upon bamboo. They were amazed by its regenerative abilities and sustainability, and they were determined to make it the solution to their problem.
Over the next two and a half years, Jon and Matthew dedicated themselves to learning everything they could about bamboo and finding a way to make it a reality. They spent countless hours hypothesizing and testing every idea they had, and finally, after much hard work and determination, their once-simple homework assignment had become a reality. They had found a way to make a difference and create a greener future not just for themselves but for generations to come.

Our Dream of a brighter future

At Recircle, our mission is to create a brighter, more sustainable future through the power of bamboo. We believe that this versatile plant holds the key to revolutionizing many different industries, starting with the bathroom. Our goal is to offer you a complete, eco-friendly solution that covers everything from toilet paper and towels to toothbrushes and toothpaste.
We envision a world where you can enjoy the comfort and luxury of premium, sustainable products without sacrificing the health of the environment. By choosing Recircle, you can make a difference with every purchase and help us build a better future for all.
But that’s just the beginning. With every sale, we aim to reinvest our profits into sustainable bamboo farming and reforestation efforts. Our dream is to create a greener, more environmentally friendly world where we can all thrive.
We are driven by a passion for positive change and a commitment to making a difference. With your support, we believe that our dream of a brighter, greener future can become a reality. Join us on this journey to a better tomorrow.